Michelin track connect :
the connected tyre solution

a new experience on the track

Monitor your tyre pressure and temperature in real time: explore your track driving potential with absolute confidence.

Derived from technology used by Michelin for car racing and co-developed with Porsche Club members, the “MICHELIN Track Connect” connected tyre solution supports you at every stage of your track runs.

Available for purchase exclusively by professionals
Buy Kit track connect
Kit track connect
4 sensors - 1 receiver - cables - application - phone holder
Buy kit 4 sensors
kit 4 sensors
4 sensors

Enjoy the full track connect experience

4 tyres

MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect
Check if the vehicle is compatible

4 sensors

to install on your tyres

1 receiver

Positioned in the car's interior, it transmits the sensor signals to your smartphone; the receiver is powered by your vehicle's cigarette lighter or USB port

1 application

Processes the data sent by the receiver and allows you to view it in various display modes
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